Elsabe White reveals the major responsibility and the huge variety in her role as CEO of a small but important trust port in the north west of England.

Working in a dynamic environment that’s shaped by the weather and the tides, is one reason why Elsabe White loves her job at the busy 270-year-old port she oversees as chief executive officer.

Another is learning from the amazing coastal knowledge of locals. Plus the challenge of presiding over a port which actively contributes to the economic, cultural and environmental prosperity of the next generation.

As chief exec of Lancaster Port at Glasson Dock, Elsabe, with her seven-strong team, also needs to make sure it’s a safe place to be. That includes those living and working in the port, its customers, and visitors. Having studied law to Masters level, Elsabe also oversees compliance and readies the port for potential emergencies and security issues.

Richard Ballantyne, CEO at The British Ports Association, says Elsabe’s role ensures the port benefits its community. Under her leadership, Lancaster Port is developing as an economic anchor, already supporting 200 local jobs.

Richard also notes that Elsabe’s good diplomacy and networking skills have attracted support through a huge range of positive relationships, which is putting Glasson Dock on the British ports map.

One of a handful of female CEOs running ports, Elsabe says: “Somehow the sea brings people together and creates community. That’s certainly been my experience from being a student, researching the beneficial uses of dredged material, to acting harbour master, and now the CEO.

“I have found support, help and advice along the way as I continue to learn about this most fascinating of natural environments to work in.”

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