Her coastal-inspired blankets have been gifted to presidents and worn by Hollywood stars, yet their creator remains laid back about her success.

Having grown up in Cornwall, it wasn’t until moving away and the experience of travelling the world that Gemma Teague realised just how special a place home was. Settling back in Cornwall, Gemma’s career in marketing became a juggle whilst raising a young family, so she decided it was time to build her own business. Inspired by her home county, Gemma used her experience of coastal living and deep connection to Cornwall to create Atlantic Blankets.

She explains: “For me, connecting with the ocean is a way of life. It’s an invitation to slow down – a signal to breathe, and live simply. I have an inner love for the sea – for health, fitness, and mental wellbeing – it’s my happy place.”

Now a successful brand producing beautifully soft blankets and throws, Atlantic Blankets allow Gemma to stay close to her roots. Gemma and her partner Alistair, along with children Ruby and Jago, live and work from the north Cornwall coast at Perranporth, where they can see the crashing waves from their studio.

“We’re inspired each day by our surroundings, with each design drawn from the coast. Alistair and I design all the blankets, each with our distinct styles that complement each other.

“Al is much more structural with his interior architecture background, with his designs inspired by traditional sea navigation maps, Morse Code, and portolan charts, all woven in neutral greys or strong blues. My designs are much more fluid – swell Iines of the sea, Cornish palm trees, bold colours, stripes, and spots.”

Consciously crafted using traditional methods and skills, Gemma is proud their blankets are made in the UK, having built strong partnerships with British mills. The blankets are either woven from sustainable wool or recycled brushed cotton, with the yarns produced from offcuts of t-shirt production, material that would usually go to landfill.

Recent milestones for Gemma were when Dame Judi Dench was spotted with one of her designs wrapped around her during her interview with Louis Theroux and the US President Joe Biden was gifted one for the G7 summit.

Gemma adds: “Blankets can bring real joy, spread love, and allow people to share hugs. They can create happy moments…placing a blanket on the ground instantly draws people together. “

As a keen surfer, Gemma’s outdoor and coastal lifestyle is an integral driver for the business.

“Blankets are part of our lifestyle and come with us everywhere we go. The car is always full of blankets – ready to grab for a picnic or days at the beach. Ready for post-sea dips, warm up after a surf, lay down for Bella our dog, or to wrap the kids up in so we can linger longer at the beach with an evening barbecue.”

Gemma concludes: “We don’t necessarily see it as a business, it feels much more part of the family, like an extension of us…”


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