Manx free runner Will Sutton showcases his talent and the stunning scenery of his home, the Isle of Man. Words: Gabrielle Jaffe

He’s constantly travelling the globe, from Germany to Qatar and LA, but professional free runner Will Sutton hasn’t forgotten the unique place he comes from: the Isle of Man – a 220 sq mile island which rises out of the Irish sea, almost equidistant from Scotland, Ireland, England and Wales. 
In Homefree, a video filmed over seven days with drones and sliding cameras, Will shows off both his incredible athletic talent and the beauty of his homeland. He is seen tumbling over volcanic rock platforms at Scarlett Point on the south of the island, hand-standing on top of Milner’s Tower at Bradda Head in the southwest, flipping off the sea wall in the capital Douglas and chasing the iconic Isle of Man steam train.

‘I don’t think I’ve been to anywhere like the Isle of Man. I’m always telling people about it when I’m away,’ says Will, who has spent a lot of time outside the island for work in the last year. 
Normally used to free running in urban environments, Will enjoyed the challenge of working with the island’s natural scenery. ‘It makes you get really creative,’ he enthuses, adding, ‘It was cool to show the film crew around. They thought it was amazing and they’re from Scotland – you’d have thought they’d be used to epic scenery.’
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