Check out the latest dog-friendly products to gift your pooch – or treat yourself and any other dog-lovers you know!

Another Studio

Celebrating love for pets and plants, London-based design studio Another Studio has released new dog editions to its best-selling Plant Animals range of dog-friendly products, including a Labrador, cockapoo and French bulldog.

Another Studios’ launch includes its first set of humorous greetings cards, Plants and Pets, which observe the mischievous behaviours of pets interacting with houseplants, in its warm illustrative style.

Plant Animals are for people who love nature but have little or no outdoor space. Its innovative product helps playfully transform house plants into a mini-jungle, forest, or desert, depending on the animals chosen. The options are endless, with pets, primates, reptiles, insects, birds, mammals, and more, including large editions suitable for big house plants.

Plant Animals was first created by Aimee Furnival in 2017, inspired by a passion for natural history, ephemera and architecture. Starting with three Plant Animals in 2017, they quickly soared in popularity within the house plant community.

They will be available online at and

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New colour for classic coat

The new rosehip colourway Ruff and Tumble Classic Collection Dog Drying Coat is cheerful and striking, in a beautiful new colour which feels modern and fresh.

Replacing the brick red colour, rosehip brings new style to the tried and trusted drying power of the award-winning drying coats.

The signature double-layer of soft and absorbent towelling, actively wicks wet from fur fast, keeping dogs dry and warm after wet and cold walks. Sizes from XXXS-GSD with special sizes also available. Prices from £36.95. Available at

Cracking cravats for your dog

Chilcott’s dog cravats are handmade in the firm’s workshops in the Brecon Beacons using Chilcott’s exclusive Irish linen and soft natural cotton lining, ideal for summer use, going in the water and playing on the beach!

Linen is a textile made from the fibres of the flax plant. Its credentials for being a sustainable fabric are incredibly good which is why Chilcott are keen to add it to their story around British-made natural fabrics. Linen also beautifully complements Chilcott’s 100 per cent British wool blankets and Harris Tweed range.

Chilcott’s are delighted to source the linen from Baird McNutt, who have a history of weaving and dyeing cloth since 1912.

The dog cravats come in eight colours from Navy Blue to Oyster Grey and lots of colours in between.

Capturing the adventures of sprocket

Sarah Westwood is an illustrator who draws the beloved character Sprocket the Dog to create collections of cards, coasters, placemats, badges, notebooks and tea towels.

She explains: “I love to draw his adventures and I have a passion for creating lively and vibrant illustrations that celebrate the love for our furry friends. Whether it’s a whimsical portrait of a playful pup or a charming scene capturing the essence of canine companionship, my artwork is sure to brighten any space.

“My journey as an illustrator has been filled with creativity and dedication. With a keen eye for detail and a deep love for dogs, my illustrations strike a chord with pet owners and art enthusiasts a like.

“I’m focused on spreading happiness and positivity through my art, aiming to create a world where every dog lover can find a piece of art that speaks to their heart. With each stroke of my pen, I’m on a mission to bring more colour and joy into the lives of those who share my love for dogs.”

Four breeds feature in new linen border range

Interior design experts Samuel & Sons have unveiled Westminster, a novel collection of embroidered linen borders inspired by their affinity for dogs. The collection features four distinctive patterns each portraying a different breed including a Scottie, a Goldador, a Coton de Tulear and a Poodle.

Sitting on natural linen grounds, these furry friends are brought to life through a combination of fibres from fine embroidery yarns to lofty bouclé. Further detailing is added with finer lustrous yarns. The borders are finished with a delicate satin stitch edge detail and offered in a variety of colour combinations.

Marisa Gutmacher, vice-president of design at Samuel & Sons, says: “The Westminster Collection is a charming and versatile assortment of delicately embroidered linen borders, paying homage to various breeds of dogs.”

Ruff and Tumble

The new olive Burnham Bolster Dog Bed from Ruff and Tumble comes complete with a double thickness supportive mattress, durable canvas cover and a waterproof inner. It is also available in denim and stone colours and comes in sizes small, medium and large. RRPs From £145.

Legendary dog inspires new book

A new book has been inspired by the true story of a shipwrecked Newfoundland dog that wandered into a small coastal village. During the Victorian era, the great English painter, Sir Edwin Landseer, did a portrayal of the dog (real name Bob) with the sea and gulls behind him. However, it was painted 30 years after Bob had died and there is little known about this remarkable creature.

With a spark of creative industry, author and illustrator Barry Stebbing began filling in many of the blanks and has produced a new book based on the story called Cedric Footprints in the Sand. Written with a touch of prose, the book is a delightful read for all ages.

As Cedric fights his way through tumultuous seas to rescue shipwrecked souls, the story simultaneous follows the life of a young aspiring artist, and other intriguing Dickens-like characters, as we learn of this incredible dog’s legacy and how he captured the heart of the British people.

Cedric Footprints in the Sand by Barry is available via Amazon and to order in all good bookshops. Or for more information visit

Bob the salty sea dogs is star of new book

An author and an illustrator based in Devon have teamed up to publish their first children’s book, Bosun Bob the Salty Old Sea Dog.

Erin Allgrove and Emily Langstaff-Ellis have been the best of friends since secondary school. They enjoy spending time at the beach and on the moors with their families and dogs. Bosun Bob is their first collaboration, with the sequel already in development.

The book is a beautifully evocative tale of a tenacious sea-faring dog and his adventures at sea. Written in rhyming prose and beautifully illustrated, this classic nautical tale is a perfect accompaniment to children’s bedtime.

Bob sets sail at dawn, leaving the safety of his harbour for the open ocean. He meets a series of mysterious and sometimes frightening sea creatures before his ship is wrecked in a violent thunderstorm. Bob is rescued from an untimely end and meets an unlikely shipmate in the process.

A limited first edition of 1,000 copies has been printed by Langrove Publishing and copies are available to buy online. More details at

Travel in style with these accessories

Looking for the perfect companion for dog-friendly adventures? Whether it’s a doggy day out or a petaway, make award-winning dog bed company Charley Chau your first port of call for their Travel Bed Collection for dogs, which is designed for five-star canine comfort on the go.

Charley Chau’s Dog Travel Bed range includes a Dog Travel Pad and Travel Burrow Bag for those that love to sleep under blankets. Whether a Travel Pad or a Burrow Bag, both hit the mark for being as comfortable as caninely possible wherever and whenever a dog settles down for a rest, be it in the car, on a weekend adventure, or a leisurely lunch out with friends.

Lightweight, they’re also versatile and easy to move around the home for dogs who like to follow their owner around the house from room to room. They work brilliantly on sofas and armchairs as a protector too.

The Travel Pads and Burrow Bags are available in a wide choice of Charley Chau upholstery quality fabrics – wool-like Faroe, super soft Velour and Dotty Cotton, in a plethora of shades. Machine washable everything, the covers are fully removeable with the option to add a waterproof liner – so a dog’s bed can clean and pristine wherever it may go.

Also for travel is Charley Chau’s Double Fleece Dog Blanket range. Priced from £53 and available in an array of gorgeous colours, Charley Chau Double Fleece Blankets are an everyday staple bringing extra softness, cosiness, and warmth to a dog’s downtime at home or on the go. And as with all Charley Chau products, they wash beautifully time after time making them a sound investment for any dog.

Lunch treats in ready-to-go boxes

A NEW range of lunch-box sized dog food aimed at making days out with pets easier has been launched by the company behind three dog-friendly caravan and campsites. 

The handy bowls of kibble, which are designed to fit into a rucksack or bag, have proved a hit with pet owners staying at WCF’s five-star camping and glamping sites.

Dog owners staying at the sites – including Drummohr, close to the coast near Edinburgh – have been delighted to stock up on the perfectly portioned pet food so they can enjoy days out with their pets. In the last year, more than 2,000 dogs have stayed at Drummohr.

Almost 5,000 dogs have stayed at WCF’s three camping and glamping venues in the last 12 months. The new lunch-box size dog food range is on sale from reception exclusively at all three sites. 

Jo Ritzema, managing director of WCF, says: “Introducing a range of lunch-box sized dry dog food was a natural addition to the services we already provide such as dog-friendly accommodation, doggy welcome packs, scenic dog walks on site, dog exercise areas and dog washing facilities.

“They are already proving really popular with guests who like the convenience of having a transportable, ready-made meal available for their pets. Many of the site teams use them for their own dogs and so are able to provide personal recommendations.”

Available in three different ranges, the 100 gram kibble portions are part of WCF Pet & Equestrian’s own brand range of premium dry dog food, the Lakes Collection. The specialist pet retailer is part of the WCF family of companies operating across the UK in the leisure, retail and logistics sectors.

WCF Pet & Equestrian operates eight stores across the north of England and south-west Scotland offering a range of products and advice for pet owners and the rural community, with its products also available online and via Amazon.

Making a meal of quality ingredients

Tilly & Ted is a new pet food brand which reflects a growing recognition of the importance of providing furry companions with the highest quality nutrition without compromising affordability.

The brand has launched a range of quality meals which includes high meat content as well as super foods and prebiotics. The range is only available in ASDA stores and includes wet and dry food catered for both dogs and cats of any age.

All meals are bursting with goodness and have no nasties. The brand is dedicated to creating meals that are not only delicious but 100 per cent nutritionally complete.

The recipes include lamb kebab, chicken paella, fisherman’s pie and roast dinner – each carefully crafted to tantalise the taste buds of even the most discerning pets.

For more information about Tilly & Ted and their range of irresistible pet food available in ASDA, visit