The Chi Gang - Joanna Woods, Cumbria

Meet the Chi Gang – good friends Buster, Sacha, Minnie, Bertie, Socks, Billy and Lottie, pictured on a very muddy walk on Sunderland Point near Lancaster. It is a pretty village separated from the mainland when the tide comes in.

Rufus - Yvonne Hoyle, South Yorkshire

This is Rufus the cavapoo on his first holiday to the beach. He loved Bamburgh beach but wouldn’t go in the sea!

Ruarie - Pete & Lucy Williamson

We took this picture our dog Ruarie while at our holiday cottage in Findhorn, Moray. He’s the happiest border terrier we’ve ever had and just love his bounce in this photo! Living the life!

Paddy - Jon Pettifer, Middlesex

My best friend Paddy has been with me since he was five as a rescue and former racing trail hound. We love the beach at Dunwich, he loves the smell of the salt air-he hasn’t got his head round the fact the water’s salty-but he loves to dip his toes.

Monty - Pamela Lyman, Surrey

This is Monty grinning in the sun on Porthcurno beach, Cornwall.

Margot - Susan & Alan Cross, Norfolk

Here is our three-year-old cocker spaniel Margot enjoying the views at Porthcurno in Cornwall. We re-homed her in 2023 and this was her first holiday experience, taking everything in her stride. Margot cannot wait to return to Cornwall.

Gus - Alison House, Bude

This is Gus the Westie pictured at Boscastle, Cornwall.

Frankie - Anne Melrose, Colchester

Here’s my dog, Frankie, on a trip to Robin Hood’s Bay in north Yorkshire. He loves the beach and chasing the tennis ball with his brother Rum, a cocker spaniel.

Dexter - Linda & John Hancox, West Yorkshire

Dexter is a bouncy, beautiful cockerpoo. His owner Becky Witt and our family (adopted granny and grandad) took him for his first beach visit to Ainsdale beach at Southport and he took to it immediately, seemingly digging for Australia!! He got very wet and had a very sandy nose.

Daisy - Katy Kent, Staffordshire

This is our border collie Daisy enjoying her holiday in New Quay, Wales. She loves playing on the beach and watching the world go by at the harbour.

Bentley - Bob & Gill Baverstock

Bentley, our Lhasa Apso, loves the beach, and we were able to indulge this when we hired a campervan for a few days, taking in the sights at Whitby, Robin Hoods Bay and Scarborough. We were also able to walk a stretch of the Cleveland Way. This photo was taken at Whitby.

Bailey - Michelle Powell, London

This is my dog Bailey on the beach in Bryher on the Isles of Scilly. My parents live in Penzance and I live in London. Cornwall has been my second home since I was a teenager and I visit the Scillies every year and Penzance several times a year.


Tucker - Michele Clayton, North Yorkshire

This is my dog, Tucker, having the best time on the beach in St Ives, Cornwall. He is a Golden Irish (Irish Setter/Retriever cross). After he’d chased his favourite ball round the beach he’d sit on our balcony watching the other dogs play, He is big, soft, cuddly boy!

Tilly - Bevis Stanford, Pembrokeshire

This is our cockapoo Tilly, in full fight on Tenby South beach, Pembrokeshire. She loves her trips to various beaches to chase her ball and go for a paddle. She is also very close to completing the 186-mile Pembrokeshire Coast Path.

Ted - Rachel Jones, Wiltshire

This is Ted, our golden working Cocker Spaniel, loving life and posing on Fistral beach, Newquay.

Sunia - Agnieszka Graczyk, London

This is Sunia, who is 13 years old but keeps her youthful looks and health from long evening beach walks and deep breaths of sea air. Our favourite weekend escapes are to the Cornish coast.

Paddington - Sharon Dyche-Brookes, Surrey

This is our rescue dog Paddington – he’s not sure about sailing yet, but loves to walk on the beach at Portsmouth while I sit and read Coast.

Ouzo & Scrumpy - Diane Futcher, Essex

Ouzo having fun and enjoying the sea breeze on his first trip to Southwold with sister Scrumpy.

Winnie - Loretta Lock, East Sussex

This is Winnie the bulldog, enjoying a paddle on the beach at St Leonards-on-Sea, whilst we were staying at the family caravan nearby. She loves the beach and will be found there wearing a big bulldog smile!

Mabel - Wendy Ball, Weston-Super-Mare

This is Mabel, our English Bulldog, who loves going to the beach at Sand Bay in North Somerset. She loves playing in the sand and running away from the sea.

Mabel - Emily Rigby, Saffron Walden

This is Mabel, our black merle cockapoo, aged four. She loves running and playing on Dunwich beach with her best friend Bella, my sister’s black Labrador, aged 11. Happy times!

Luna - Clare O ’Neill, Southbourne

Here is Luna, ‘labra-poo-chon’ at Mudeford Spit in Dorset looking out to the Isle of Wight.

Lula - Kim Adams, West Midlands

This is our little Frenchie, Lula, pictured on her first trip to the beach at Red Wharf Bay, Anglesey.

Lucky - Glyn Hoskins-Turner, Devon

This is Lucky, our Havanese, hopping down the steps to the harbourmaster’s office at Newton Ferrers on a cold, bright day.

Jasper - Lisa Foskett, Northamptonshire

This is our gorgeous five-year-old boy Jasper, seen recovering from an operation on his spine, living his best life on Runswick Bay. He loves the beach but not the sea!

Douglas - Harry & Helena, Cumbria

Douglas pictured enjoying Scarborough beach, oh and, of course, a salty coastal stick. Perfect days!

Doris - Marguerite Johnstone, Leicestershire

This is ball mad Doris the Cavapoo. She and I live in Leicestershire but long to be by the coast!

Daisy - Jules Sanders, Dorset

This is my six-year-old anxious whippet Daisy being very brave at the seaside in Sidmouth. She loves having a sniff on the beach and the a doggy ice cream on the prom!

Bonnie - Kay Reed, Isle of Wight

This is Labrador Bonnie swimming at Colwell Bay Isle of Wight, where I have a beach hut.

Beaumont - Robert Rees, Anglesey

Here is our working Cocker Spaniel, Beaumont, on Morfa Bychan (Porthmadog) beach refusing to let go of his stick, even with treats on offer!

Baxter - Geoff Taylor, Lancs

This is Baxter, my Cairn Terrier, enjoying beach time. It’s his favourite place where he runs around chasing after his ball and other dogs’ balls too, if he has a chance too!

Aida - Lisa McKenzie, Northampton

This is my dog Aida on her first trip to the beach at St Marys, Isles of Scilly. A truly beautiful place where we both had the best time!


Pablo - Bev Williams

This is our gorgeous English bulldog, Pablo-we adore him! There’s nothing he enjoys more than a run on the beach in Wales.

Nellie - Debbie Goff, Wiltshire

My name is Nellie, and I am a cockapoo. My family took me on holiday to Shaldon, our favourite place in the world. This is a picture of me visiting the RNLI lifeboat in Teignmouth, Devon. I love walks on the beach, chasing a ball and splashing in the sea, but best of all is roast beef on a Sunday, followed by a nap!

Lulworth - Clair Bushnell, Poole

Our dog Lulworth, a sproodle, was named after our favourite place in Dorset. Here he is during one of our holidays a few years ago. We have since moved to the area so are able to visit Lulworth with Lulworth as much as we want now!!

Lola - Helen and Barry Greenwood, Glusburn

This is Lola, loving her Mr Whippy ice cream at Arnside beach. She is a ten-year-old rescue dog from Croatia, who loves the coast.

Jax - Clare Oxenham, Eton

This is my handsome boy Jax. He will be 12 in June 2024. He is a water baby who cries when he has to come out of the sea or river. He would swim all day if he had the chance. When not in the sea he likes to nest in the sand when we are at the beach.

Ernie - Pamela Lyman

This is a photo of my daughter’s dog (Julia Lyman) and is of Ernie, a border terrier, enjoying setting sun at Porthcurno.

Dio - Caroline Veale

This is Dio, our eight-year-old cheeky whippet. He loves the beach, although doesn’t like getting his paws wet! He had a great time at Three Mile Beach in Cornwall.

Buddy - Nicola Perkins, Dartmouth

Buddy, our seven-year-old Springerdoodle loves the view from Dartmouth over to Kingswear. He’s fascinated by the boats going up and down the River Dart and gets very over excited when a seagull dares to get too close!

Boris - Julie Chessum, Lincolnshire

This is Boris, our three-year-old Yorkipoo. He is obsessed with his ball and loves chasing it on the beach. He is waiting for it to be thrown for him in this picture.

Ben - Kath & Pete England, Appledore

This is Ben enjoying the beach at Westward Ho! when he visited us with his mum and dad Ian and Sheila.

Archie - David, Sara, & Sam Fairchild, Sheffield

This is our eight-year-old cockapoo Archie on the beach in Whitby, enjoying the freedom of the beach. Yorkshire dog on a Yorkshire beach. Nothing finer!


Rosie - Sarah Winstanley, Berkshire

This is our dog Rosie the Jack Russell. She enjoys country walks on the Ridgeway near home and has frequent trips to the coast. Here she is in Weymouth – she gets super excited on the beach but doesn’t love the water yet.

Reggie - Dina Topping, North Yorkshire

Here is our adorable cockapoo Reggie enjoying the beach at Cannes in France, where we took him for a month!

Inca - Deb Hall, Northumberland

Thus is Inca, dancing in the dunes at Bamburgh.

Eddie - Emily Mendleton, Devon

Here is Eddie, our six-year-old Australian labradoodle, who is living his best life in Devon. He loves his daily walks to the various local beaches, and never misses a chance to nibble on his favourite snack-fresh seaweed!

Bramble - Louise Tubb, Hampshire

This is Bramble, our six-year-old sprocker spaniel with her beloved ball at Milford-on-Sea beach on the Hampshire coast.

Alice and Frankie - Brad Smith, Dover

This is Alice and Frankie, aged six and four. You’ll often find them playing with a ball by the sea together. They would stay there all day if they had the choice!


Bertie - Allison Elkes, Staffordshire

This is Bertie the border terrier enjoying a holiday on Conwy Morfa beach. He loves digging on the beach!

Billy - Niamh Ahern, Ireland

This photo of my dog Billy was taken in Goatisland, Ardmore, Co. Waterford. He had just lost his bestie Charlie (another Bichon) and he came for a swim. I dip with a wonderful group of women called the Ballyquin Mermaids and he’s one of our Merdogs.

Blue - Tina Daniel, Hampshire

This is our fabulous puppy Blue enjoying his first trip on our yacht, which is moored on the Beaulieu River. The first of many adventures at sea!

Charlie -

This is my cavachon, Charlie. He just loves the beach and the sea and as soon as we pull up at one he pulls and pulls until he can get on to the sand and then sprints to the sea. He’s never happier, though, than when we go to Hope Cove in Devon, as this picture shows!

Doris - Paula Grey, Swansea

This is our Jack Russell Doris enjoying the sun and view over Porthmellon beach, Cornwall.

Dougall - Steve Fairlie, Oxfordshire

This is my Bedlington whippet, Dougall, as he enjoyed a day by the sea at Milford on Sea, Hampshire. He loved the sea spray and playing with other friendly dogs.

Duggie - Aisling Pinchin, Hertfordshire

This is Duggie, aged five. His pastimes include chasing squirrels and digging holes. He’s a little bit naughty but it’s impossible to stay mad at him, he licks you if you tell him off! You can follow his adventures on Instagram @duggiethecockerspaniel.

Gary - Lucy Gower, Devon

This is my dog Gary, a wire fox terrier, enjoying the sunrise from his favourite spot on the beach at Dawlish Warren. Sunrise at low tide is magical there.

Gus - Liesl Huisman, Eastbourne

This is our Parson Russell puppy, Gus. He is a bundle of energy and loves running on the beach, chasing his ball and playing with other dogs. We recently took him on our boat off the Sussex coast and he was fascinated by the water, the seal we saw and, amazingly, dolphins!

Hector - Sally Chown, Hampshire

This is our gorgeous 13½-year-old sable cocker spaniel Hector living his best life on his favourite local beach walk at Lepe Beach looking out over the Isle of Wight.

Hugo - Alice Cline, Gloucestershire

Here is Hugo the sprocker spaniel at Barafundle Bay in Pembrokeshire-we had the beach to ourselves. Hugo loves the beach…he’s a real water baby.

Layla - Steve Knight, Devon

This is Layla,our 11-year-old labradoodle on a recent trip to Gwithianin Cornwall. Despite her age she is living her best life and loves the beach.

Leo - Diane West, North Yorkshire

Here is my three-year-old brindle rescue lurcher Leo enjoying Gairloch Beach on Scotland’s sunny West Highland coast. He loved lying in the warm sand, having a ball chase and – just to add to the fun – he later enjoyed a paddle in the sea.

Oban - Peter Worroll, Oxfordshire

This is my daughter Kirsty’s dog Oban, who is a working cocker, taken in Cornwall. He loves the sea and a ball on the beach.

Olive - Gary Pickles, West Sussex

This is our three-year-old cockapoo named Olive on her daily walk along the Felpham seafront.

Tess - Ian Downes, Hampshire

Here is Tess the whippet enjoying a quiet moment on Southwold beach – after a high octane energy burst chasing up and down the dunes.


Casper - Lorraine Cross, Bristol

This is Casper, our Westie, exploring the fossil beach of Charmouth on holiday in Dorset.

Dixie - Liam, Clair and Winnie Gledhill, Leeds

This is our mini schnauzer puppy Dixie on the beach at Abersoch on his first holiday by the sea. He absolutely loved meeting other dogs and roaming free on the beautiful beaches of the Llyn Peninsula.

Monty - Debbie Cantle, Bristol

This is Monty, our Manchester terrier cross, enjoying a ferry ride at Padstow.

Pixie - Janine Stejskal, Leeds

Here is Pixie, our sprocker, excited to get in the sea at Wells-next-the-Sea, Norfolk.

Ripley - Erin Hickey, Edinburgh

This is our border collie, Ripley, who loves nothing more than playing on the beach. Here she is enjoying the walk to Cramond Island near Edinburgh when the tide is out.

Wilson - Jo Crewdson, Torquay

This is Wilson, our three-year-old old mini labradoodle, enjoying Daymer Bay beach (north Cornwall coast) all to himself. He chased his ball for miles!