How can we combat one of the world’s biggest environmental crises?

This spring, a world watched as news of a pregnant sperm whale found washed up in Italy was reported to have an unbelievable 22 kilograms of plastic in its stomach. With around eight million tonnes of plastic entered into our seas every year, it’s estimated the sea will contain more plastic than fish by 2050.

In his latest book, author Michiel Roscam Abbing of the Plastic Soup Foundation reveals the full devastating extent of the problem. With full-colour photography and graphics, Plastic Soup explores topics ranging from microplastics in cosmetics to toxins in the food chain along with simple ways for us to help combat one of the world’s biggest environmental crises.

Plastic Soup: An Atlas of Ocean Pollution, by Michiel Roscam Abbing (Island Press, hardback, £20) out now.

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