When he’s not perfecting his kitesurfing skills, outdoor adventure-seeker Guy McKenzie spends most days on the beach at St Andrews, teaching watersports and land yachting to others. Words & Photographs: Suzi Mitchell

Nothing beats kitesurfing around Shell Bay in Elie on Scotland’s east coast. If there’s an onshore wind blowing onto the beach and I’ve got the day off, I’ll be out there riding the breeze, leaping 30ft above the waves.

I enjoy an aerial perspective of the sea that few get to appreciate, and the only thing I have to do is to remind myself to breathe. Hang time is only six to 10 seconds, but when you’re airborne, flying downwind, time stalls and you rely on instinct to take care of the basics. Typically I’m joined by Jamie, my twin brother and fellow adrenaline-seeker, and then the day is even better. He’s essentially my wingman. We’ve always been an extra set of eyes for each other.

We grew up in Perthshire and spent every moment we could outside pursuing some kind of adventure. We studied sports coaching and development after school, then worked for outdoor adventure companies doing every activity from kayaking to white-water rafting. There seemed to be a gap in the market for coast-based activities, so in 2007 Jamie and I launched Blown Away on the east coast of Scotland.

Despite still living in Perthshire, I spend almost every day at the beach teaching corporate groups and individuals of all ages to surf, paddleboard, kayak or land yacht. We’re based on West Sands Beach in St Andrews and our popular land yachts have become a familiar sight zipping around on this world-famous stretch of sand. St Andrews is the ideal location with plenty of wildlife to observe and little coves to explore in a kayak or on our paddleboard tours. The water temperature is cool enough to keep dangerous creatures away, there is always a breeze, and there are no hazardous currents to worry about. Jamie and I are doing what we love. Work attire is a wetsuit and no two days are the same.

For more information and to book an adventure with the McKenzies, browse blownaway.co.uk.

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