Videographer Richard Broomhall's time-lapse video shows artist Anthony Garratt creating striking giant canvases on Anglesey island. Words: Gabrielle Jaffe 

In the August 2015 issue of COAST magazine, we profile Anthony Garratt, a talented artist who has created giant canvases along the coastline of the Welsh island of Anglesey. Commissioned by Menai Holiday Cottages, Anthony's 'Four on Anglesey' project will see the canvases left in the outdoors where they were painted until October 2015. 
While Anthony created his artwork, his friend and artistic collaborator Richard Broomhall filmed him in progress and later created this stunning time-lapse video, for which Anthony scored the music:    

FOUR on Anglesey from richard broomhall on Vimeo.

An accomplished videographer in his own right, Richard says, 'It was fascinating to see Anthony's work develop. Because he uses layers, there's this simultaneous process of creating and erasing as he works on top of what is already below. Then there's the dreaded moment for the artist of knowing when to stop, when the piece is complete.'
Richard shares with Anthony a fascination with Britain's coastline. 'I love to watch how the colours change – the sea can shift from azure to white-out in seconds,' he says. 'It's amazing to stay still in one spot for a whole day and watch the clouds change dramatically.'
For more on Anthony's 'Four on Anglesey' installation, pick up a copy of coast's August 2015 issue. To see more of Richard's work, visit his website:

Anthony Garratt's 'Four on Anglesey' paintings will remain in situ on the four sites where they were painted until October.