Try concocting this refreshing beverage on a hot summer's day… Bliss!

No picnic is complete without lashings of homemade lemonade, and pink lemonade is as pretty as a picture. Pour over a handful of ice cubes in a thermos flask or alternatively freeze the lemonade in plastic bottles (filled three-quarters full). The frozen lemonade will gradually defrost, keeping everything cool.

Makes about 1.2 litres /2 pints

The grated zest and juice of 6 large unwaxed lemons

1 small punnet raspberries, crushed through a sieve

150g/5oz caster sugar

1 litre/1. pints boiling water

Extra slices of lemon to serve


Place the lemon zest and juice in a large bowl, add the crushed raspberries and caster sugar and stir in the boiling water until the sugar has completely dissolved.

Leave the mixture to cool, then cover and place in the fridge overnight.

Sieve to remove the grated zest, pour into bottles and chill in the fridge. Serve over ice with extra slices of lemon.

Recipe taken from Beside The Seaside, by Carolyn Caldicott. Published by Pimpernel Press (£12.99). Photographs: Chris Caldicott.

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