A spectacular solar-powered houseboat has just come on to the market.

A family-sized, luxury houseboat has just been unveiled by British firm EcoFloLife. Designed by architect Giancarlo Zema, the pod-like structure is made almost entirely from recycled materials including glued laminated timber and aluminium.

The WaterNest 100 is ‘designed for a couple or family of four who wish to live in a new, eco-friendly and non-conformist manner, without sacrificing comfort, elegance or style.’ As well as large balconies and floor to ceiling windows, the interior includes a living room, dining area, two bedrooms, kitchen and bathroom. Alternatively the interior can be designed according to your own needs – the pod can be set up as a restuarant, summer house or event space, for example.

The huge solar roof is the sole source of power and it can generate up to 4 kilowatts an hour. The addition of internal natural micro-venilation and air conditioning gives the home ‘low consumption’ status.

The WaterNest 100 can be placed on any ‘calm body of water’ and can be moved if necessary.

The homes are made to order and prices start at €500,000 (£358,000). Prices also include furnishings from the EcoFloLife catalogue.

Once ordered the house takes up to a year to be built and delivered.

Click through the gallery below to see more images:


Covers over 1000 square foot, 39ft diameter and 13ft tall

Two bedrooms

Made from 98% recycled materials and powered by a solar roof

Priced at £358,000

Can live on any lake or river and can be moved

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