How to Get Your Coastal Home on TV

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Has your house got movie star looks and photogenic angles? Here’s how to see it on screen. Words: Lesley Gillilan

As a rule, they start at £500 a day (for photoshoots) and rise to around £3,000 a day for filming. The average is £750-£900 a day. Busy locations can earn up to £100,000 a year. Agencies usually take 20 per cent of the fee.

Generous spaces, high ceilings, natural light and plenty of parking. Most clients prefer to be close to London, hence the majority of film-star beach houses are on the southeast coast (Kent, Essex or Sussex). At a push, lifestyle clients might travel to East Anglia, Dorset or Devon. Owners can offer a ‘shoot and stay’ option to help entice crews out of the city.

Shoots can involve as few as four people (more like 10 for a fashion shoot). For a film shoot, expect at least 15 – plus more disruption, equipment and longer hours.

Shoot Factory (020 7252 3900, and JJ Locations (020 7749 0500, are among the industry’s leading agencies. 

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