We take a look at The Black Fish, an international marine conservation movement. Words: Madeleine Barber

Fish-eaters and ocean-lovers listen-up! More than 90% of the world’s fish stocks are currently fully or over-exploited, and half the fish sold in Europe is thought to be of illegal origin. It’s this illegal fishing activity that is pushing species such as bluefin tuna to extinction and killing thousands of whales, dolphins, turtles, sharks and fish through entrapment in drift nets. Drift nets have been banned since 1992, yet hundreds are believed to be still in use. International marine conservation movement The Black Fish aims to help reinforce this law by documenting illegal activity, confiscating illegal nets and rallying public support.

Online donations, whatever the size, do make a difference. You could also sign up to become a member, which means donating monthly, receiving newsletters and a twice-yearly magazine. If you’d like to get actively involved, consider becoming a citizen inspector (by offering two weeks of your time per year, you could conduct port inspections, measure mesh and take part in coastal patrols) or volunteer at The Black Fish’s events, help to raise funds, and spread awareness. Find more information and take action at theblackfish.org/join.

Want to help protect our oceans in other ways? Read up on a campaign against tiny plastics and keep an eye on our magazine for the latest news.

Want to help protect our oceans in other ways? Read up on a campaign against tiny plastics and keep an eye on our magazine for the latest news.