We recently visited Airbourne: Eastbourne International Airshow and became totally hooked on the aircraft, activities and atmosphere. Will you be the next seaside airshow convert? Words and Photographs: Madeleine Barber

A seaside airshow might not be high on your coastal bucket list, but it should be. We recently visited the airshow at Eastbourne (if you missed it, put 17-20 August in your diaries for 2017) and were so taken with it that we’re already seeking out more airshows by the sea to ink into our planners.

You could try the Scottish International Airshow in Ayr 2-3 September, Airwaves: Northern Ireland International Airshow in Portrush 3-4 September or the air displays taking place over Jersey and Guernsey on 8 September. Throughout the rest of the year, there are a number of other options: Southport Airshow, Clacton Airshow, Bournemouth Air Festival, Sunderland International Airshow, Weston Air Festival and Blackpool Airshow. With such a wealth of coastal displays to choose from, sea-lovers are spoilt for choice. Here are 14 reasons* why you should pick one of the airshows above and make a beeline for the beach…

1. IT’S FREE These great days out won't break the bank.

2. IT’S FAMILY-FRIENDLY So that all visitors, big and small, will be kept entertained.

3. THERE ARE TASTY TREATS Bound to tantalise the tastebuds.

4. YOU'LL SEE THE RED ARROWS Which always promise a spectacular display.

5. AND A WIDE VARIETY OF AIRCRAFT From the Chinook and Great War display teams to the Typhoon. 

6. WHICH YOU CAN WATCH FROM THE BEACH With ice-cream in hand.

7. OR WHILE SWIMMING IN THE SEA ​In the sunshine.


9. LIKE ZORBING For fun-seeking types.

10. AND HELICOPTER RIDES For the daredevils.

11. THERE ARE PERFECT PLACES FOR REFRESHMENTS Like summer tipples and chunky chips.

12. AND THE CHANCE TO STROLL ON A PIER As the sun sets on the horizon.

13. OR HANG OUT AT THE BANDSTAND And gaze out to sea.

14. BUT FOR THE IDEAL EVENING? You can't top music on the beach.

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*List is based on activities and amenities at the Eastbourne Airshow 2016, so all factors cannot be guaranteed for all coastal airshows.

Liked this? Check out our 9 best traditional seaside activites or our 10 best seaside funfairs and amusements. For more coastal guides, pick up a copy of the magazine.